Jocelyne Maucotel




Jocelyne Maucotel

A painting enthusiast from early childhood, I took a course in plastic arts at Collège International Marie de France before becoming a medical student, which led me to obtain an anesthesiology specialty in 1983 and begin my medical career at Notre-Dame University of Montreal Hospital Centre.

My artistic transition starts early in the year 2000 with private lessons from painter Pierre Desjardins in his Lachine Canal studio, followed by workshops with renowned artists such as David Leffel, Steven Assael and Karl Dobsky as well as plein air landscape sessions with Ken Auster and Ken Backhaus. Finally, for three years, I honed my design process skills at l’Atelier de Brésoles, in Old Montreal, directed by Allana Benham and Éric Mannella, graduates of the New York Art Academy.

In 2007, my clinic duties and teaching at the emergency hospital centre’s department of anesthesia notwithstanding, I decide to take a major leap with my first group exhibition at the Galerie du complexe du Canal Lachine and Galerie de Brésoles.

significANT Dates


1951:                  Born in Montreal

1959-1963:         Plastic arts courses, Collège international Marie de France, Montreal

1977:                  Medical diploma, University of Montreal

1983- :                Specialization in anesthesiology and start of my practice in anesthesia at Notre-Dame University of Montreal Hospital Centre, Montreal

1984- :                Clinical medicine instructor at the anesthesiology department, University of Montreal

1992:                  Reproduction of 15 ‘Impressionist’ artworks

2001:                  Private instructorship with painter Pierre Desjardins

2003:                   One-week workshop with American painter David Leffel at Scottsdale Art School in Arizona 

2004-2006:         Course in classical drawing atelier, anatomy and live model drawing with Allana Benham and Eric Mannella, Atelier de Brésoles, Old Montreal

2004:                   Workshop with New York painter Carl Dobsky.

Subject: skin colour painting with a live model

2004:                   Workshop with New York painter Steven Assael.

Subject: portrait painting with a live model

2005:                   Plein air landscape painting workshop at Laguna Beach, California organized by Scottsdale Art School with the Plein Ai Paintersr of America group

2007:                  Workshop with Steven Assael.

Subject: painting a live model

2007:                   Group exhibition in the spring at Galerie du Complexe du Canal Lachine

2007:                   Group exhibition, 2007 Fall Show, Galerie-atelier de Brésoles, Old Montreal